Welcome DJ Medusa's Website!

Music is the key to peace.

Welcome to DJ Medusa's a.k.a. Pecao! website & webpage.

This is DJ Medusa thanking you for taking the time to visit this webpage. DJ Medusa is better known as Pecao would like dedicate this website to his friends & colleague dj's. Because of them, they make him want this even more.

Objective: will try to end the suffering of party-people who get the wrong music & mood served up to them!! He's gonna do his best to rid parties of this ailment one jam at a time...

This is a site where we of Wired Series Promo team would like to post pictures of our artist experiences in gigging, play-outs & the wonderfull scene in the world of DJ-ing. We would also like to dedicate some time to other artist besides DJ Medusa & his partners with who he would be working with in the following years. We hope you enjoy visiting this site just as much we enjoyed building it for you all & our main artist/entertainer/MC->DJ Medusa better known as Pecao!

Anyone who is interested in his mixed cd's or demo's please hollarback to us & we'll gladly mail it out to you when you leave your home address to where we can send you the cd.(E-mail us at pecao27@yahoo.com or dutchy35@hotmail.com).

Hoping to expand globaly & bring the good moods to the millions out there still waiting to get some good vibes...we will be in an area close to you some day soon...stay pending( check out www.myspace.com/djpecao27 for dates for concerts, parties & gigs).

Once again, thanks for taking the time. Thanks!!!.


Updates for DJ Medusa's coming gigs: See www.facebook.com/Pecao for tour & gig dates!!!

We would like to post the next play-out for the coming season: 

The next gig is at the Arnhem at the "White Villa @ Sonsbeek Park" in September, 2010. Confirmation pending!!!

Gigs in Kreta & Santorini 2008(July untill September 15, 2008) @ Ethnic Beach on Kamari beach Santorini.

Beach Bunnies Lounge party...stay pending!

"Party at my House" theme for beachwear & chilling...Location pending!

There is the "World Famous Doggy Disco". This night DJ Medusa is gonna rock the place with lounge, reggae, alternative rock, hip hop & Caribean vybez like soca, zouk & carnaval music. And to forget Motown disco tunez & Disco House remixed & revamped by the people of Hed Kandi & Defected in the House for the crowds pleasure...yeah I got their number, i'm in, baby!!!

Arteganza World festival 19th & 20th of June 2010.

Also stay tuned for DJ Medusa's new production this year, coming fort from the MagicFunkeyMonkey Studios (under construction in Arnhem). Stay tuned!

www.facebook.com/Pecao for a taste of the vibes of DJ Medusa inflicks on his unsuspecting guest & friends, it's all good: good times, good party people with a healthy dose of wanting to have a cool crazy time....

Tour on Aruba: Hi-winds 2010, Crazy friday's @ Moombah Beach(a lot of rain!!!), Superjam @ Cafe Rembrandt

Remix Hotel Miami, USA, 2011, are we gonna make it out there without getting robbed this time?

Koh sa Mui, Thailand 2011:Beach party of DJ Medusa's " Doggy Disco"

Amsterdam Dance Event,October 2010

Aruba? again?...Bonaire?Maybe...stay pending!!!

Exodus Dubai... details still in the works...


Who iz DJ Medusa?

Dj Medusa is one heck of a character. Always smiling & enjoying what he does best: entertaining people. Never a dull moment with this chap, always looking for that exclusive sound or song to rock his audience. Willing to go the extra mile, no matter what it takes, trying to be a pro whenever it comes to spinning tunes. He's always digging in the crates, scoping for new tunes, or on the net hunting for the next elusive sound of grandieure.

Not one to give up so easily in the face of adversity, you can count on him to make your party or event a sonicly pleasure to endure for that moment.

Getting the job done.

For starters, when accepting a gig you have to do homework. What kind event is it? Who's gonna be my crowd? Age group? Where is it going to be held? Which other event is going to be my compitition. Am I spinning with a well-known DJ?  Am I opening the event first? All of this & checking out your music weeks ahead of time can save you allot of time & trouble.

Like making sure your cd's or vinyl is not scratched or messed up. Knowing your equipment(more on that on the....page).

You always got to keep up to date & keep practising to be tha best at what you do: entertaining the crowd.


Behind the Scenes of MagicMonkeyStudios & Uncle Pick Pro's.

The year 2008 had great start for DJ Medusa He's trying to get his stuff backed-up & building his recording studio in Arnhem. He's also has already resumed work on new material for a demo cd.

He will equip the studio studios with powerfull pc's &  Korg Triton Extreme "Blue Meanie" 76 keys & Akai MPC 1000 workstations, Yamaha's recording/mixing equipment. Also an Apple G4 iBook is in the mix with the Zoom MRS-1044 MultiTrak Recording studio. 2 Denon DN-S3000 cd & mp3 players.

Also Behringer mixers are abundant & the heart of the studio is the Yamaha studio mixer with effects are in the mix.

Stuff will be flown & shipped in from the US & Aruba. An extensive vinyl collection will be available in Holland: never before heard beats of Hip Hop from the famous radio show "Beatz Of Boom".

Year 2008 will be a blast & hopefully DJ Medusa will breakthrough internationally. Stay tuned for Big Bangz & the Funky Monkey Production Crew with beatz Gallore & Tunez for ya Soul...(other artist are Skitzo, Bear Essantialz & G-Bear).


Please check out DJ Medusa's Profile at www.myspace.com/pecao27 or www.ethomas9.photosite.com Thanks for the support!!!